Is Android Virus a Myth? Do you want to Secure Android devices?


Most of us have a misconception than a virus can affect Android devices directly by sharing files from other person and attaching pen drives to our Beloved Android Smartphone.

But this isn’t that simple. A Virus could be anything that replicates itself in the file system of devices to fill up your storage. But hey there wait, we do not see this thing in android often but more in windows operating system. So what does a virus do in Android Smartphone?


What are Android Viruses?

Anything isn’t installed by us or anything that is happening on its own without our interaction to harm our (android) system in any way is treated as a virus. For example, an application is creating unnecessary files and utilizing our memory is a virus, an application that gives our useful data to another application without our consent is a virus, an application that sends our data to other server is a virus or an application that utilizes our CPU to full capacity without us knowing is a virus. So virus could be a broad concept of defining a thing that isn’t intentional.


What are the risks?

We trust our mobile more than any other person nowadays and we keep secrets there. Photos of a loved one, passwords or bank account details, video clips and important notes. We have several documents in our smartphones that are very important to us and some credit card details too in our browser cookies (non-eatable:-P ) .

So every single thing could be used against you and can harm you in a lot of ways. I hope you’ll worry if your bank account gets deducted with 50000 without you knowing how it happened. Your photos will be leaked online and photoshopped for some bad advertisements for FAT gaining and losing, and much worse things can happen overnight.


What can we do?

  • First, Stop clicking on suspicious links that you get in a group or even from trusted friends. As they could also fall for the same things. Any link that says click it for some rewards or there is some gift for you or whatever, please do not click it until you know that website properly. From that web page, they can get details about your devices and check what you’ve searched for in the last few days. So that’s a pretty personal thing to share 😀 .


  • Secondly, Stop Installing apps from anywhere except google play store. As they are working hard to keep you safe from malicious applications. The application gets verified and then it is posted in a play store account. If in case there is something wrong in the application, they take it down within minutes just like ES EXPLORER, CAM SCANNER, and more. So always install application from a trusted source and not from the store like Aptoid or anything else.


  • Another thing is to check the permission required by the application when you install it. For example, if you are installing a music player they why in the hell it needs the permission of camera, SMS and microphone? Similarly, if you are installing an application of camera then it should not ask you permission to change system settings or overlay settings. So keep checking the permissions required by all of your applications


  • And finally,
    1. keep a check on what applications are draining your battery because most of these applications are running in background always. Giving a heating problem.
    2. Check the storage properly if there are any extra-large files that is being created and you don’t know about it.
    3. Check the application list every week and update all the application every week if possible to keep you safe from malicious things.
    4. Keep play store and google play services up to date.
    5. Please update your smartphone for security updates. Please. This is for the betterment of android security.


NOTE: Please uninstall any antivirus application you have in your smartphone. They are not helping you in any way. They are just eating your memory and CPU.


Real-Life Example: Suppose an application which has all your SMS access, and also knows your credit card/debit card number, date, and CVV. How easy it would be for them to do a purchase and get the SMS OTP code from your mobile remotely and buy anything they want as you have already gave permission for SMS.


Technicality: Some people are afraid to attach a pen drive to android devices as they think that it’ll affect the android device. No, not at all. Android is a Linux based operating system and the virus you are thinking about must be from windows which runs exe and bat files.

Here in android, there is an apk file which is converted to the application after you install it. So unless you install anything, there will be no harm. But an Android device could become a medium for viruses. Just like a pen drive. If you copy a file from windows to a mobile then mobile to windows then this can harm your windows OS as that file is made to affect windows and not android.


If you have any doubt, please feel free to comment.
Have a wonderful day.



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exe: executable file in windows

apk: android application package

os: operating system

otp: one-time password

cvv: card verification value


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